Helium FX

Change your voice like you just breathed helium !

Simple and fun, yet powerful

How would you sound with a higher pitched voice ? Find out now with Helium FX.

Easy recording

With Helium FX you are one press away from the fun. Just press the balloon to record and release when you're done.


Create your own effect in a blink with our "so easy a monkey can use it" customization tool.

New way to communicate

Share your modified voice with balloons. Like emoticons, there are a lot of faces and colors to express your message.

Universal sharing

When you send an animated balloon, it is converted to a video so it can be viewed on any kind of device.

Recording Library

When you record a new message, it is automatically saved in the library. You can share it or play it from there.

And more...

And of course you can save and manage your recordings. Make your friends laugh in less than 5 secondes.

Your own way to communicate.

Helium FX is very easy to use. It's almost a "one button" app. But you can also customize the effect to change the pitch and speed of your voice if needed.
Share the result with your friends and relatives via message, email and or social networks. You message will be sent as a balloon emoticon.

  • So easy to use a child can enjoy it.
  • Create your own effect and sound like no one else.
  • Share your modified voice with animated balloons. Pick a color, and an emoticon face and your message will be sent as a video with your custom balloon.

Take a look

So you can see what you'll get !

Download now. It's all fun.

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